What is co-working

Co-working At OfficeOurs

Co-working at OfficeOurs starts with our beautifully designed ‘open plan’ hot desking area that allows for collaboration, discussion and interaction.

Surrounded by modern offices and a ‘state of the art’ boardroom, we ensure privacy for those who require it but essentially are attempting to create a dynamic working environment that caters to all.

Co-working enables networking opporunities, project collaboration, advice and mentoring as well as inspiration and innovation. All small business owners and entrepreneurs will apprecaite the importance of venting and discussing new ideas and OfficeOurs strongly encourages this.

A few co-working initiatives:

  • ‘HappyOurs’ (every Friday at 3pm)
    OfficeOurs provides afternoon tea and a few drinks as we discuss the weeks highlights.
  • ‘AfterOurs’ (last Friday of every month)
    We have a few drinks at the office and then head to a local bar, the perfect way to ease into your weekend.
  • ‘WorkOurs’ (first Monday of the month at 10am)
    Discuss upcoming projects and opportunities for collaboration, seek advice and simply converse about the month ahead.

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